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  • Laurel MES makes you ever ready for audit
  • Achieve paperless manufacturing operation and superior productivity
  • Complete Data Capture with Data Integrity
  • Consistent Master and Batch Records generation
  • Timely Plant maintenance and calibrations
  • Quality deviations are handling automatically
  • Analytical Reports and Trend Analysis
  • Quick access to all relevant batch information

competitive An audit failure results into two years of time and effort to review quality and compliance system, address issues, get audited and clear it. Laurel MES helps reduce batch failure by identifying the problem right at the source.

Laurel MES removes paper BMR and log books from shop floor helping you achieve paperless operation. It helps you reduce QC review and release time for each batch, thereby reducing the total batch cycle time.

Thus, with Laurel MES you achieve unbelievably high ROI.

  • Warehouse Management
    • Raw material warehouse
    • Intermediate product warehouse
    • Finished goods warehouse
  • Manufacturing Work ordering
  • Products and BOM
  • Master Recipe Management
  • Batch Records Management
  • Material dispensing
  • Manufacturing execution & Batch Records
  • Production batch records
  • Deviation management
  • Nonconformance management
  • Packaging Work ordering
  • Formulation Packaging
  • Cleaning management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Batch release and approvals
  • Document Management
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Integration with SAP/ERP
  • Equipment integration
  • Real time automatic data capture
  • Bar Code/QR Code integration
  • Automatic email alerts
  • Process driven operator workbench
  • Manufacturing intelligence with Dashboards, Scorecards and KPIs
  • Audit readiness: MES makes you ever ready for audit
  • Achieve paperless manufacturing operation
  • Helps you achieve superior productivity
  • Does a complete Data Capture with Data Integrity
  • Master and Batch Records are consistently generated as part of the operations
  • Material dispensing takes care of FEFO and FIFO
  • Plant maintenance and calibrations takes care of timely maintenance/ calibrations
  • Quality deviations are handled automatically


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